Monday, February 21, 2011

Jack's Big Boy Room

While trying to get the nursery ready for Will, we had to get Jack moved into a "Big Boy" room. Since his D'Bob put together his beds (with Jack's help,) Jack was extremely excited to move into his new space.

I only bought one bedspread (from Pottery barn) and then J.J. decided every little boy needs bunk beds. So eventually there will be another one on the top bunk. Right now there is a quilt on it that my grandma made for me when I was little (she has since made a combination of 7 quilts just for Jack and Will.) My obsession with pillows has also spilled over into my boys rooms!

J.J. volunteered (I volunteered him) to paint the mirror, corbels and frames since I'm pregnant. I appreciate all his hard work! Kristy H. wrote Jack's verse (1 Sam 1:27) on his canvas. And I just love a bunch of color!!


  1. Cari!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! It's beautiful. I love the pottery barn's so Jack!! So classic boy. :) I have two of the wall book shelves from Pottery Barn that I bought for the kids when they were babies. You know the kind that you can display the books on. Grace still uses them and we change out the books about once a month. I think they have dark blue ones - would look so cute in Jack's room - I know JJ - I'm just adding ideas to her already brilliant ones. :) LOL

  2. They don't have the same ones anymore - they just have the kind that sit on the floor....