Sunday, January 15, 2012

Unbelievable, Crazy Weekend

What a day!! We started the day excited to get on the road to head from Little Rock to Anniston, AL to see my new baby niece and family... my two boys, Nana, D'Bob (my mom and dad) and me.  The bumps began when I felt sick when I woke up. I didn't want to be sick on a road trip or bring sickness to a new baby so I rested a for a little while. Decided I was feeling better so we began the process of loading up ALL of our stuff into my Tahoe. As we were about the walk out the door Will threw up. Mom and I decided it was just congestion so we cleaned him and stuck him in the car. Laughing about how late of a start we got...the car started making funny noises and then the engine shut off - about 2 miles from my parents' house. Luckily it started and we turned around and headed back to the house to make a new plan. We finally decided to take my parents' car; my dad and I switched the car seats and all our stuff. My father-in-law graciously agreed to come and get my car to take it to the shop (turns out it is fine - my husband was so sweet and had my oil changed before my big trip and the shop didn't put the cap on tight.)

At 11:20 we successfully pulled out of the house and officially began our trip. Several long stops, 2 pull-overs to change dirty diapers, short naps and a little bit of fussing (mostly from me) we cruised along pretty well. About 2 hours from my sister's house we felt Jack and he was on fire. His faced was flushed and he looked pretty pitiful.  So here I come to my sister's to see her month-old baby with 3 potentially sick people. But she let us come. A little after 8pm we finally made it! It was such a sweet reunion and we were so thankful to be there.

Nana graciously rode in the back with my sweet boys.

Hannah - she was worth the drive.

The next morning was so sweet. Jack and Abby love each other so much. They played together all weekend.

They played with Playdoe.

We made foam puppets.

Will played.

So cute I can't stand it!

Will watched all the action and tried to join in when possible.

He hung out with Justin (Misty's husband)

Abby takes great care of her baby and calls her "Hannah" - such a precious girl.

Jack loves Scout. Hope he enjoys these moments, Mommy can't handle anything else to take care of - don't think a dog is anywhere in Jack's near future.

They colored.

We went for a walk (the first time we walked out of the house in almost 48 hrs.) Then Jack played on Abby's tricycle.  Next we dressed the kids and took our pictures - this is a Crawford tradition.

Now that Will is mobile he doesn't like to cooperate with pics.

It turned out to be such a great weekend with a few bumps along the way. Nana (my mom) also ended up sick. Jack's fever lasted through the next day. Will's short napping continued. But we all had such a great time. We laughed, enjoyed watching the kids play and ate way too much food (Justin is an awesome cook - he made us smoked turkey and salmon.)
If you noticed that there aren't any pictures of the adults, we didn't get out of our pajamas or put on make-up for the entire 2 days.  My family continues to make me so thankful!!

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