Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Crafting

As Christmas is quickly approaching I have been feeling a decorating itch that can only be solved with all things glittery and sparkly.  This year we had to make a new wreath to match Jack's big boy room; plus one for Will's nursery.
 Jack helped me with the letters for the centers. Jack has done many art projects at school with his amazing teachers but mom had yet to be so adventurous at home (we had only ever done crayons and playdough.) So I figured it was past time, so today we did paint, glue and glitter. Needless to say the shirt came off. He was so good and so excited!

First we painted the "J" red and the "W" orange. As with most things, Jack was very particular and careful. Mom helped a little bit. We listened to Christmas music while we worked. Jack now requests the "Reindeer Song" and "Making a List." It's nice that Jack enjoys my singing so much (we sing all the time,) he might be the only one. One day he will learn what good singing sounds like, but until then...

Next we painted on the glue and then sprinkled each letter with colored glitter. Will is always happy to feel like he is in on the action. He likes to spend most of his day carefully watching his big brother's every move.

I wired on the the ribbons and ornaments. Then used the same floral wire to attach their letters. Each wreath is now hanging on the boys' doors. I can almost feel Christmas in the air at the Coleman House!

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  1. I'm so glad to see a post from you! Those wreaths are super cute, and of course the boys are too! :) Let us know when you will be down here for the holidays. We'd love to hang out if y'all can, although we understand how busy things will be!