Saturday, February 11, 2012

Jack Singing "Mommy Originals"

I make up ridiculous songs and often sing them to my children. Sometimes they are used to persuade my children - like our potty songs. Other times they are merely to amuse. These posting are mainly for my family to see how adorable Jack is and to laugh at my song writing skills. Please don't judge...these songs make my kids laugh. Here are aware...there are several more "mommy originals."

"Poop in the Potty" - Tune:Ghost Busters Theme Song
When you feel like you
Need to go number 2
What you gonna do?
Poop in the potty.
When your tummy wow
I gotta go now
What you gonna do?
Poop in the potty.
(Hum the chorus)
I ain't afraid of no flush.
(hum again)
I ain't afraid of no flush.

**Died laughing when Jack realized he needed to really poop as he sang his poop song.

"I Like ButtPaste and I Cannot Lie" - Tune: I Like Big Butts (Sir Mix Alot)

I like ButtPaste and I cannot lie
You other babies may deny
But when your bottom gets red and it starts to really hurt

and Mama reaches for the tube
You say "Yea, rub it on my bottom.
Rub it on my bottom."

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