Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chic-Tailgate Baby Shower

We had a baby shower for one of my closest friends - Candice. While there were several hostesses (including me), two of the girls - Rebekah and Katie - really went above and beyond. They made it so special. We had the shower at Rebekah's house and it was her idea to have some Razorbacks but to really focus on making it a little more fancy and chic than a regular tailgate - I think it was achieved. So many of Candice's friends rolled out and she got so many great gifts.
My job was to make Razorback cookies for the favors:

Here's my lofty attempts at cookie decorating: http://p31ladyintraining.blogspot.com/2012/02/razorback-cookies.html
I was also assigned the wreaths for the doors. I used my red and white wreaths that I usually use for Game Days. (Grapevine wreaths, netted ribbon and floral wire)  I bought particle board letters from Hobby Lobby; rolled up the diapers and attached them with rubber bands; tied a ribbon around the rubber band and attached with floral wire. I actually did a questionable job when attaching the letters to the wreath (there was a lot of masking tape involved.) No one would've have spotted my quick fix, except after I hung the wreaths and walked back inside I noticed that Rebekah has glass doors. Since the masking tape was clearly visible, we all laughed and then I covered it with pretty paper.
It turned out to be such a cute and fun shower. So many girls love Candice!!

The cupcakes were from Bliss. Yum. I won't mention how many I ate today. Red velvet was my favorite.

Drinks in mason jars. Each tied with twine and a tag with the letter "L" - the baby's name is Luke. So many sweet touches.

Notice Rebekah is in the background taking pictures. She has a great blog and does a great job taking pictures. Here's her blog with pics of the party: http://hogwildharrisfamily.blogspot.com/ She did almost all of the sweet decorations!!

We had pulled pork sliders, sweet potato fries, oriental coleslaw and fruit. It was all so good.

Rebekah, Meredith, Candice, Katie and me


  1. Just stumbled upon your blog. I'm following. :)
    The party was so cute!!

    1. Thanks! We had such a good time. Right now I am working on a party for my 2 boys. It's in a couple of weeks and hopefully I will have some cute pictures to post of that party too!