Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Fun

It felt like Valentine's Festivities went on and on over the past couple weeks. It was too fun with Jack being almost 3 this year. He loves to do crafts (as long as it doesn't take too long.) We had some extra cardboard boxes so we cut hearts out of them. Jack, with a little help, painted them red and then glued glittered on them. We wired them onto my red and white wreaths...voila - Valentine's Day Wreaths.

We ran out of glitter and it ended up looking a little homemade but Jack was so proud of them. He asked everyone that came over if they saw them and that he made them. Sweet boy.

Will played on the floor while Jack worked on the hearts. He is usually so sweet to entertain himself when Mama and Big Bro are busy. Jack wanted his picture taken too. He told me he was being "tricky" while turning around on his motorcycle.

Another day we worked on Jack's Valentines for his friends. I saw this idea on Pinterest. We took  toilet paper rolls, creased them to look like hearts then dipped them in paint to be stamps. Jack loved it! It ended up looking like graffiti paper, which I thought was so cute. I used to make the top part of the Valentine. I put Jack's current memory verse on each Valentine, which was so appropriate for Vday. Then we taped on a sucker - the part Jack decided was the most important.

Will took a good nap while Jack stamped away.

We went to a party at my good friend Candice's house. She had all the kids over which made it so crazy and so fun. We fed the kids lunch, did crafts, decorated cupcakes and played hard (good naps that afternoon.) My boys had to sport their pink shirts for the special occasion.

So many sweet kids. We have all been friends since before there were any. If you noticed that the last 2 pictures were much better quality than the rest, our friend Lindsey is our group's photographer! She took the family pics at the top of my blog and has her own blog:

After tons of fun and excitement on the days leading up to Valentine's Day, on the actual holiday we had to make a special Valentine for Daddy. Jack decided he wanted to use his scissors. So we cut up pink and red paper and glued it in the shape of a heart. I saw another cute idea on Pinterest with hand and footprints. After I did it with Will, Jack decided he wanted to do it too. So both boys had the same Valentines. Daddy was so excited that they are now on display on his desk at work.

Although all the fun with my 2 boys is always so lovely, my highlight of Valentine's Day was my date with my honey. Since we were dating we have gone to Copeland's every year - 9 times now. We always spilt Jambalaya Pasta and Banana Fosters. So yummy! After dinner we went to see The Vow - it was really good. Family time is sweet but I am so thankful that J.J. and I still love to hang out alone. Another reason I love Copelands is that it takes 30 minutes to get there. This gives us an extra hour of talk and laugh time! I tried to take a picture of the two of us by holding out my camera at the restaurant. It was so awful that it wan't blog appropriate.

My dad (D'Bob) babysat Jack and Will. They had a blast. He said his highlight, besides all the fun they had playing, was laughing about the vegetable incident.  As he was laying out their dinners, Jack told him that the peas and carrots were for Will. Will refused to eat them. As my dad was explaining this when I got home, I died laughing. Jack is pretty tricky - the peas and carrots were for him. 

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