Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mickey Mouse Party

I love a party. I love all the prep for a party. I love getting together with so many friends. I love the not-so-healthy food at a party. I love all the craziness it brings (sorry to my husband who has to deal with me being a little crazy.) This year we decided to combine the boys' birthdays into one party. Their birthdays are only a week and a half apart. Jack turns three and Will turns one. I still can't believe my boys are so big!!  Jack decided he wanted a Mickey Mouse birthday since Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is his absolute favorite show. We played the Clubhouse song as all the kids were coming into the party and had a big sign as they walked into the play area.

My birthday boys are all ready for their party! Their shirts were too cute, almost as cute as my sweet boys. This picture doesn't do them justice. My talented friend "Ms. Ronda" made their shirts. They each had their name, age and Mickey Mouse. They opened these before their party and Jack was so excited.

He is ready to party.

 Those reading this with young kids understand that we had to have "Hot Diggity Dogs." Mickey sings the Hot Dog Song during his show. It is Jack's favorite and Will dances when it plays too. We played the Hot Dog Song as the kids were coming in to eat.

I made these cake stands (I am going to blog about that in the next couple of days.) I also made the cupcake stickers. I found an extremely helpful blog that gave step-by-step instructions:
Once I printed the top section, I took them to Signed Sealed and Delivered (a scrapbooking store in Rogers, AR). This store is amazing. They allow you to use all of their tools at no charge. They have tons of paper (and everything else you can imagine) to purchase. I used their circle punches to make the rest of the stickers (not really a sticker at all but really a label.) I taped it all together and onto the sticks with double-stick tape. Double-stick tape became my favorite tool as I was prepping for this party - where has it been all my life?  A sweet lady named Billie at the store basically held my hand as we made tons of decorations for the party. I made the birthday banner, Clubhouse sign, cupcake stickers and parts of the centerpiece there!

Yummy cookies.

It's hard to read but it says: Oh Toddles...we're thirty! Another silly part of the show.

I used the circle punches and die cut machine at Signed Sealed and Delivered. I spray painted cheap metal buckets from Target, painted thin wooden sticks from Hobby Lobby, stuck it in floral foam, a little confetti paper, tied a bow and voila - Mickey Centerpiece. I had 4 of them around the room.

More centerpieces made from Jack and my niece's vintage Mickey lunch boxes. They were too cute to not find a way to use at the party!

I also used (the above blog gives great instructions on how to use it) to make the invitations and taped them onto fun paper. 

We had our party at Boingo Bounce in Fayetteville, AR. It was a blast. It was so fun for the kids and the workers there were so nice and helpful. I fully admit to being the crazy mom that showed up too early with way too much stuff. As they were trying to get our room cleaned and ready (there was another party right before ours), I was already moving in box after box. My sweet hubby, father-in-law and step-mother-in-law helped set up. They were so patient with me - I can get a little out of control on party days.  Boingo Bounce is an inflatables arena with several party rooms. There are inflatable slides, bounce houses and a smaller inflatable for the little ones all in one huge room. It is a kid's dream.

Will and I are playing on one of the inflatables.

Daddy and Will sliding. He wasn't sure what to think about that.

Jack ran from one inflatable to another. He didn't stop smiling the entire hour we played in this room. He got pretty sweaty too.

The grandparents came to help celebrate.

Grandadddy and K.K. with one of the birthday boys.

D'Bob and Nana with that same birthday boy. (Jack was way too busy running around to pose with grandparents.)

My precious family - sorry it's a blurry picture. Jack is bright red with soaking wet hair, we made him stop to take a picture with us.

After we bounced for an hour, we went into our party room for food, drinks and desserts.

All the kids were so well behaved and sat together so nicely to eat. When did our kids get so big?

Such sweet friends.

I couldn't help but take a picture of Jack surrounded by all his girls. What a lucky boy!

Will loved his cupcake!

It was such a great party - mostly because all the kids had so much fun. It is one I will not forget.


  1. This is adorable!!!
    My girls love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (its the only show I let them watch). Your ideas are precious.

  2. where did you get the mickey mouse club house banner ? thank you